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There is a high demand for researchers in the area of research of neurodegenerative diseases in which TreatPolyQ will train fellows. As pointed out by the European Brain Council (2006), among the most important topics in the movement disorders section are: (1) Deciphering the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cell death, (2) Identification of therapeutic proteins as well s tarets for drug intervnetion, (3) Development f alternative therapeutic strategies.

TreatPolyQ is ultimately adressing these topics and will therefore meet the demand by feeding the European market with excellently trained researchers. TreatPolyQ, thus, is responding to well identified training needs in a specific, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary field. TreatPolyQ will overcome the fragmentation in this field and will pool competnces in a way that initial research training at European level is strenghened in order to equip young researchers at the start of their careers with knowledge and skill required in Europe‘s knowledge-based economy and society.

Impressions from the training activities.

Impressions from the training activities